Several years ago I lost count of how many times I actually restarted blogging, somehow it’s really hard to find and keep a rythm and I stopped and started many times over. Yet recently I found myself thinking on several occasions that it would be a nice idea to start doing it once again.

The reasons starting over are simple. I’d like to experiment with “new” stuff - I didn’t do that enough to my own liking the last few years - and write something about it. The writing has a purpose as well; It sticks better in your head, hopefully my writing skills increase, and last but not least it might be useful to somebody else.

The blog itself is hardly finished but I just felt like writing something to get it all started. For those interested, it’s a minimally tweaked Jekyll install at this point, the ‘new’ thing for me about this is that every commit I post to AWS CodeCommit results in a build of all the gems and generation of static html that is copied to an S3 bucket. Yes, I do intend to create a writeup on how you can accomplish that easily as well.